Fleet Lab supplements traditional school bus systems with specially equipped electric
vans to make k-12 student transportation safer, more effective, and more equitable.

Solving Driver Shortages

Fleet Lab targeted recruiting attracts many more van driver candidates than searching for traditional school bus drivers.

Our focused training reduces the time required to place fully qualified drivers into driver's seats.

Ensuring Safety

The convenience of our mixed fleet system increases ridership, which increases safety for the entire student population. We also employ vehicles with state of the art safety systems, within a system that minimizes drive time, minimizes roadside pickups and minimized dark pick ups and dropoffs.

Reducing Student Travel Time

Students are busy with school, extra-curricular activities, part time jobs and sleep. Spending 2-3 hours per day traveling to and from school negatively impacts their quality of life and ability to thrive.

Reducing Fuel & Vehicle Expenses

Rightsizing and electrifying can save over 90% in fuel expense. Our vans also cost less to purchase and less to maintain compared to traditional school buses.